Red Mango: Finally a competitor to Sour Sally arrives @ Indonesia, Giving away BlackBerries?

Red Mango, a competitor of Sour Sally (currently the leading frozed yoghurt franchise in Indonesia) arrives at Indonesia. Said to be opening at Mall Taman Anggrek first and will give away free BlackBerry 8900 Curves to surveyors by following this link. Well who knows? Try it on!


Facebook: Street Racing Script Tutorial

Okay, since some of you have been asking me how to install and I had to give a step-by-step instructions everytime, I present you a tutorial on how to install these scripts.

Well first you must install Greasemonkey for Firefox (if you can't then find in google). Once installed, you will see a new menu in the "Tools" part of Firefox which consist of Greasemonkey or you can simply have a look at the lower right part of the Firefox window (right side of the status bar).

Secondly, have my scripts ready at hand, extracted and viewable with any text editor.

Now right-click on it and select "New User Script..." (Repeat these steps 3 times for SRAutoXP, LoopAutoXP, SROutOfBounds) as shown below:
Now, a new script window will appear (for first time installs, usually it will ask for a preferred text editor, select notepad for pc or textedit for mac)
Enter these information accordingly to the scripts in the box:

  • Name: SRAutoXP
  • Namespace:*
  • Description:
  • Includes (One per line):
  • Excludes (One per line):
  • Name: LoopAutoXP
  • Namespace:*
  • Description:
  • Includes (One per line):
  • Excludes (One per line):
  • Name: SROutOfBounds
  • Namespace:*
  • Description:
  • Includes (One per line):
    -http://* !!Warning: If you include this line, it means everytime you enter ANYTHING, it will redirect to SRAutoXP!!
  • Excludes (One per line):
Then, copy and paste the downloaded script accordingly and save.Repeat the steps 3 times accordingly to each given script, then apply the update from my previous post here.

Finally, to run the script, right click on the Greasemonkey icon and enable or click on the icon and ensure that it is colored (if it is grey, it means Greasemonkey is disabled) then refresh the page to let it roll.

Please do leave questions, comments and suggestions on the comment box. Now you can sleep and let the script race for you! Have fun!

BlackBerry: Leaked Skype (BETA)

Source: Komunitas BlackBerry

A member named valentz leaked the long-waited Skype beta version for Blackberry in Komunitas Blackberry forum which is supposed to be a closed beta testing version from Skype. The application itself looked like a java application installed on my BlackBerry since we must use # and @ as buttons for softkeys. When I opened the .jad file using notepad it shows the following:

RIM-COD-Module-Name: skype
MIDlet-Name: skype
MIDlet-Description: BBactionpack
MIDlet-Vendor: : BBactionpack
MIDlet-Version: 1.0

MicroEdition-Configuration: CLDC-1.1
RIM-COD-Module-Dependencies: net_rim_cldc
RIM-MIDlet-Flags-1: 0
RIM-MIDlet-NameResourceId-1: 0
MicroEdition-Profile: MIDP-2.0
RIM-COD-Creation-Time: 1218812329
Manifest-Version: 1.0

RIM-COD-URL: skype.cod
RIM-COD-Size: 75484
RIM-COD-URL-1: skype-1.cod
RIM-COD-Size-1: 67232
RIM-COD-URL-2: skype-2.cod
RIM-COD-Size-2: 86900
RIM-COD-URL-3: skype-3.cod
RIM-COD-Size-3: 55556
RIM-COD-URL-4: skype-4.cod
RIM-COD-Size-4: 54684
RIM-COD-URL-5: skype-5.cod
RIM-COD-Size-5: 55964
RIM-COD-URL-6: skype-6.cod
RIM-COD-Size-6: 41464

By looking at the details RIM means Research In Motion so it is the actual Skype for BlackBerry. After successfully installed Skype on my 8310 Curve, I configured my account but failed to connect and a message appeared saying "Skype couldn't connect over your phone connection". Below are some screenshot of the application:

So if anyone of you feeling lucky and would give it a try download Skype Beta from here and post your results in the comments, thanks!


Blackberry: Remove IT Policy

Whenever you purchase a second hand Blackberry either from eBay or from a friend, some of them have IT policy still attached to them. IT policy can be a hassle since most of it won't allow installation of 3rd party applications and such. The following are the steps to remove an IT Policy easily (compilation of sources from the internet):

First you need several files ready first:
  • Blackberry Desktop Manager (comes with the CD or download here)
  • JL_Cmder, a compilation of batch scripts by d_fisher from Blackberry Forums for some cases. For 8110, 8120, 8130 and 8330 with 4.5 OS installed simply use JL_Cmder resetfactory option, restart device and you're done.
  • BlackBerry default blank IT Policy and save it into your BlackBerry installation directory (c:\Program Files\Research in Motion\Blackberry (for other than mentioned above).
To remove the IT Policy, use the following procedure:
  • On Windows XP or Vista, go to regedit (Start>Run)
  • Navigate to HKEY_Current_Users\Software\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\PolicyManager and right-click your mouse and select New/String Value and name it as "Path". Then double click the "Path" and set Value Data to "c:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\policy.bin"
  • Open the Desktop Manager
  • Connect the Device
To verify that the IT Policy has been completely removed, in your device go to Options>Security and check reference to IT Policy and go to Options>Status and type BUYR and now you should see time and data usage instead of IT Policy.

EDIT: for 8310 use JL_Cmder works as well.

Good Luck!


Facebook: Street Racing Update

Continuing my previous post on Street Racing Cheat, by request of many users I will provide instructions on updating the script. Perhaps my uploaded script had some bugs in it. To fix the looping bug, fix the SROutOfBounds, ensure that the excluded pages includes both of these files (make sure you include the asterisks (*):

To update the script to include the new races, edit the last line of SRAutoXP replace:
window.location.href = "http://apps.facebook.com/streetracinggame/jobs.php?uid=" + user + "&jcode=24"
window.location.href = "http://apps.facebook.com/streetracinggame/jobs.php?uid=" + user + "&jcode=48"

Good Luck!


Blackberry: A Word Regarding PIN and IMEI Clones

Derived from Kaskus - The Largest Indonesian Community

BlackBerry has been so popular nowadays that even refurbished to blackmarket units are sold like hot cakes. Due to its popularity, there are a lot of people trying to take advantage of this situation. Since BlackBerries are sensitive product (especially to RIM and cellular operators) there are 2 keys which you must really pay attention to which is the IMEI number and PIN number. These two are impeccable and neither could be changed to be kept valid.

A lot of sellers, especially blackmarket ones take advantage of used or even trashed BlackBerries and assemble it to re-sell it. Stolen or unregistered units are usually suspended by RIM and to allow users with suspended PINs there is a method called PIN cloning. This is very popular in the market so I advice you to beware of this. There are 2 procedures you must do to confirm this. It is advisable to perform these procedure before purchasing (or at least at a warranty period if the seller allows it)

The first procedure is to go here and check whether your IMEI is registered as the device you are using. At some cases, the IMEI registered is different from your device (for example you are checking your 8310 device IMEI while in the website, it indicated that the IMEI belongs to 8110) if thats the case then bummer! Return it to the seller or trash it since RIM will eventually block your PIN once it does a sweeping. But if it says that it is unknown, then there are 2 possibilities. The first is that it is unregistered or unlisted (since most US cellulars are not registered here). If thats the case then the second procedure only guarantees 50% that RIM won't block your PIN in the future.

The second procedure is to register to your operator (registration of BB service is required to do the procedure). Go to your operator BlackBerry site (usually http://operator.blackberry.com) and register the device by entering PIN and IMEI. If your device is successfully registered and the first procedure matches then your can relax, otherwise if it gives an error such as "Invalid PIN and IMEI format. Please retype your PIN and IMEI. The Information you provided is incorrect" while you are sure that you entered the correct PIN and IMEI then your out of luck. Good luck!


Google Analytics: Results

Previously, I showed how to add your blogger site to google analytics here. I have been monitoring my site activity from there, it's cool that I can view page hits, where visitors are coming from, what page visitor landed initially and from where, etc.
So statistics shows that from May to June 2009, I have 1,013 visitors from 48 countries which seems very strange to me since only very few of them posted comments here. Only 20 out of 1,013 visitors leave comments here. Hello? Where did everybody go? Well, thanks for visiting anyway!

Blackberry: Obama uses 8830 Huron + Leather Swivel Holster

Obama spotted using a black 8330 Huron with Leather swivel holster. Who said he was using a super-whatever-phone-with-windows-ce?

source: engadget


Sharepoint: Installing Free Ten Themes for Sharepoint in VSeWSS Projects

Microsoft has provided free 10 themes for Microsoft Office Sharepoint 2007 since March 2009. For some reason, there are several steps which must be performed in order to use these themes and quite troublesome if I might add.

For some, installing Visual Studio 2008 on a production MOSS server could be a burden in size, security, etc. I would suggest you have a spare machine or a virtual machine and installed the required components.

To Install these themes and apply it to your sharepoint portal site, first there are installers you must already have or downloaded which includes the following:
Before installing the installers above, please ensure that you have the following installed in a single system (preferably Windows Server 2003):
Once everything is in place (all the above requirements are met and the required files are installed) go to the ten themes in Start>All Programs>Ten Themes for Sharepoint in VSeWSS>Ten Themes for Sharepoint in VSeWSS.zip and extract the files to any locations (preferably My Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Project).

Once extracted, go to the theme you wish to deploy and you will see a Visual Studio 2008 solution (*.sln file), open it.

View the solution explorer in Visual Studio and double click on properties. Go to the Debug tab and change Start Browser with URL accordingly to your sharepoint site in which you want to deploy to (the actual production site not your local installed sharepoint if it is not in the same machine).

Build the Visual Studio 2008 solution and browse to your debug files (extracted Ten Themes for Sharepoint in VSeWSS.zip file solution in bin folder) you will see a debug folder and copy the whole folder in a flashdisk or share the folder which allows production server to access it.

Now go to your production server and copy the bin folder mentioned above to any location. Inside the debug folder, run setup.bat and the theme will be installed to your sharepoint site.

Open your portal site as Administrator and go to Site Actions>Site Settings>Modify All Site Settings. Under the Look and Feel Section, click on Site Theme and choose the newly installed theme.

Have fun! Leave comments for questions and suggestions thank you!

Mac OSX: Performing Maintenance

In Mac OSX, maintenance are performed regularly to keep your system always at its peak performance. Since these maintenance scripts are usually run at specific time, most of the time these maintenance are missed or skipped which leads to degradation of performance of your system.

To perform the maintenance tasks (all daily, weekly and monthly routine at once) in case you missed some open the Terminal app, and type:

sudo periodic daily weekly monthly

and let the maintenance script run, it may take a while but the performance of your system may increase significantly for some whenever they miss the maintenance schedule.

Below are some explanation of each maintenance script:

(Taken from http://www.thexlab.com/faqs/maintscripts.html)

Each maintenance script — daily, weekly, and monthly — has a specific function. Their functions have varied over different versions of Mac OS X.

  • The daily script removes old log files, "scratch" and "junk" files, backs-up the NetInfo database (Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger® and earlier), reports a variety of system and network statistics, and rotates the system.log file. Under Tiger, the daily script also cleans up scratch fax files and prunes asl.log, the log file for the then-new Apple System Loggingfacility. Under Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard®, the daily script also prunes the asl.db file that replaced the asl.log file for Apple System Logging.
  • The output from the daily script is written to the /var/log/daily.out file, which can be viewed in Console.
  • By default, the daily script is scheduled to run daily at 03:15 hours local time.
  • The weekly script rebuilds the locate and whatis databases. Depending on the version of Mac OS X, it also rotates the following log files: ftp.log, lookupd.log, lpr.log,mail.log, netinfo.log, ipfw.log, ppp.log, and secure.log
  • The output from the weekly script is written to the /var/log/weekly.out file, which can be viewed in Console.
  • By default, the weekly script is scheduled to run every Saturday at a specific time. UnderTiger and later, it runs at 03:15 hours local time. Under Mac OS X 10.3 Panther® and Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar it runs at 04:30 hours local time.
    • The monthly script reports per-user usage accounting and rotates — depending on the version of Mac OS X — the wtmp, install.log, and cu.modem.log files.
    • The output from the monthly script is written to the /var/log/monthly.out file, which can be viewed in Console.
    • By default, the monthly script is scheduled to run on the first of the month at 05:30 hours local time.