Official Facebook 1.5 released for Blackberry

Finally, Facebook 1.5 has been officially released by RIM for all BlackBerry devices. The new features include contact integration allowing you to sync data between your BlackBerry address book with friends on Facebook, calendar integration and messaging application. Switching between tabs has new slide transition, and upload images directly from the Facebook application compression quality seems dramatically imporved while other features seem to not change.

The version I got for my BlackBerry 8110 Pearl was Facebook

Get your copy now from your BlackBerry device here and experience the new long last awaited Facebook 1.5.


OOT: Rendy Nugroho wins Photogenic Category from Finalis Wajah Remaja 2009

Rendy Nugroho Setyanto, a 15 years old boy from Bekasi came out as a winner in Finalis Wajah Model Remaja 2009 in Photogenic category held by Be One Plus Management and sponsored by large TV production house in Indonesia including MD entertainment, Frame Ritz, Rapi Film, Genta Buana Film and Melia Film. The unexperienced boy said that he wasn't expecting anything as this was his first attempt and appears very excited. The event was broadcast by ANTV on "Planet Remaja" and JakTV.

With the winners price which includes tour to Bali, 3 city road show, casting and acting school, merchandises and contract for 1 year he hopes that he can develop his skills and knowledge in the showbiz world.

Since he is still in his 3rd Grade Junior High School his manager, Ratih Setya Dewi which is also his sister said that he will complete his examination held on 1st of May first before starting anything.

Well let's all hope that he succeeded his examination and soon start his debut career in showbiz. Good luck and make us proud!

Become his fan in Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rendy-Nugroho-Setyanto/166450120857

Nav N Go Amigo / iGO 8.4 Review

Nav N Go Amigo is the latest application from Nav N Go. This new 8.4 version or called Amigo is a significant update on interface and engine (although at some point I would call it downgrade even) unlike older updates 8.0, 8.1, 8.3 which has no visible update. Amigo's interface is clean, simple and very easy to use.

The home screen as you can see from the screenshot above looks great, it features a small actual moving map and will go full screen when clicked. Navigations such as destination, my route are similar to older version save for .... and settings has been changed to More. Menu navigation is much easier than ever, going through places has never been easier. The find places has also boast a new interface allowing you to click on an image instead on regular menu in previous versions.

New features has been added such as games which allows you to install games and run directly from Amigo, 3D images of cars, so instead of the default blue arrow, you can now change the 3D object to be a car, truck, person, flying carpet etc. which is awfully similar to Garmin Mobile XT 5. POIs on the map now looks like bubbles as found in Google Earth instead of a circle on previous versions. On screen display such as speed, 3D object settings, night mode can be accessed by clicking on anywhere on the screen and a nice interface will appear allowing you to select which type of items showing you want.

Scrolling and browsing now possible only by clicking on an icon on the most right on the screen which is much better than previous versions which allows you to browse map, zoom in and out directly by clicking anywhere on the map screen which causes accidental presses which then messes the map display.

The map display is now cleaner and easier to read, the road lines are better and more detailed with much better choices of colors. Unfortunately what makes me most disappointed at was the rendering. Now movements are choppy which is similar to other GPS software solutions such as Garmin or SmartST.

The file system has also changed which now incorporates .GRO files instead of the usual .ZIP file which we all love to extract and modify.

Verdict: Not recommended stay with older version 8.3 or 8.0
New sleek and simple interface, colors, games, 3D cars
Cons: Choppy movement, not smooth like previous version, file uses .GRO instead of .ZIP so customization harder

Give it a try yourself at http://rapidshare.com/files/223838002/teman_spanyol.zip (Please note that I do not support piracy. Please purchase the original copy if you decide to use it. I held no responsibility of any actions you make from this).

Have fun!


Windows Live Writer 2009 Review – Makes your blog easier

A friend of mine referred to me to an application called Windows Live Writer so that I can update, edit, design and manage my blog easier. Get your copy here for the application. The application itself looks like Microsoft Office Word allowing you to change fonts, paragraph format and many others to create your blog easier. Windows Live Writer 2009 supports Windows Live! Spaces, Sharepoint Blog, Blogger/BlogSpot, WordPress, TypePad and many others. In fact, this is my first post using this application and I will let you know how it goes, the problem i'm having is that some framing is still confusing, since this is my first try perhaps it is because I do not know how to show hidden layers. After posting it seems perfectly fine, all goes as expected, publishing went seamlessly. All in all, this application looks great. Go try it yourself its free!

Google Analytics: Adding BlogSpot/Blogger site

Google introduced Google Analytics not so long ago. This site allows you to see the statistics of your website including visitors, most viewed pages etc. The challenge here is how can you get your blogspot/blogger site to be analysed in Google Analytics.

First thing is you must access analytics by visiting http://www.google.com/analytics and complete the registration and create a new domain by entering your blogspot address. Once completed, you will be provided with a code block, copy it to a notepad or somewhere accessible.

Then, open your BlogSpot/Blogger dashboard and click on Layout. In layout, click on the "Edit HTML" tab. Scroll down until almost the end of the textbox you will see:

</div></div> <!-- end outer-wrapper -->

Paste your code block provided here.


the click "Save Template" and go back to the google analytic site and let the site process your site's data and voila! Have fun!

Google Maps: Indonesia Map View Available

Google Maps now uses TeleAtlas as their provider for Indonesian maps. Previously, they used TeleAtlas only for Google Earth while for Google Maps they used NAVTEQ which does not have Indonesian maps.

When zoomed to a certain country or region, if you perform a search, the result will show only items on that region. Give it a try and search for "Bengkel Mobil Setya" whenever you're viewing Jakarta region.

TweetDeck Review - Twitter and Facebook Status Integration

Ever got tired of updating your status twice for Twitter and Facebook? if yes, why not give TwitterDeck a try? TwitterDeck is a Twitter client dashboard application developed using Adobe AIR (installation of Adobe AIR required which will be automatically performed while downloading TwitterDeck) which allows status update integration with Twitter, Facebook and others. Since the platform used is Adobe AIR, TwitterDeck supports PC, Mac and Linux and perhaps more when Adobe AIR is available on other platforms.

The interface is nice, clean and simple, all you need to do is login your Twitter account and status, replies and direct messages of your friends will appear. To add other clients such as facebook, simply click on the facebook icon on the top and it will ask you for your permission to allow this application to update status.

Friend updates will appear on the top right of your screen which can be removed. However, you cannot customized what will appear on the popup (for example if you want the popup to show only your friend's Facebook update). Other than that, the application is working seamlessly, hopefully that minor problem can be fixed during the release.


Nav N Go / IGO 8.3.xx Application plus Indonesian contents

The new IGO 8.3 or R3 has been around for some time now. What's new is that Indonesian content was very hard find since the new 8.3 version uses Naviextra's maps which is different from IGO 8.0. To make it easier for everyone to obtain a copy, below I would like to summarize the important links:

EDIT: For those who only need english voice and language can ommit the above Voice and Language File and download the file from http://rapidshare.com/files/221863216/igo8englishvoiceandlang.zip.

For the latest IGO 8.4 (R4) or IGO Amigo, you can get your copy from http://rapidshare.com/files/219805682/amigo_mar12.rar (pass: moslek).

Since I included map and POI for version 8.0 in the link above (map is March 2008), I will also provide IGO 8.0 link for those who would prefer 8.0 version:

Please note that I do not held responsibility for any damage or anything caused by your download. The downloads are provided as is and is found in the internet and available through the use of search engine. I do not support piracy, if you like the software, purchase a copy to support developers. Have fun and don't forget to leave comments and suggestion!


BlackBerry App World Goes

Just yesterday, yet another update for the BlackBerry App World from previous to This time RIM comes with a KB which can be viewed here. It is said to fix issues regarding:

  • Failed to Transmit
  • PayPal authentication failed. Please try again.
  • BlackBerry App World is currently unavailable. Try again later.
  • BlackBerry App World is having trouble connecting to the BlackBerry App World server. Verify your network connections and try again.

Still no sign of Facebook application in the list though.


Blackberry: Facebook Application Missing from Blackberry App World

Just today afternoon GMT +7 I realized that Facebook application was missing from my Blackberry App World Social Networking & Sharing section. While this morning I checked and it was still there and the version was still 1.2. I keep monitoring on Facebook application due to the awaiting of Facebook Application 1.5. So could this be it? is RIM finally uploading Facebook 1.5 to their servers or is it only my Blackberry? Can anyone confirm? Thanks!

Blackberry: Blackberry App World Review

Yesterday, while browsing to Blackberry Help from my phone, I found out that RIM had release Blackberry App World. The long awaited Blackberry application which is said to be competing with Apple iPhone App Store. Well the main focus is the same: to help users find software easier and better in a single application rather than having to download from several places.

Well personally I think all phones should have this feature as it is very useful. The file size is about 523.4KB and it requires users to restart their phone to use it. Also, RIM included nice collection of wallpapers for your Blackberry device.

All in all, the interface is nice and looks like the default Blackberry Bold theme UI (Blackberry version 4.6). When you first open the application, it will present you with Featured Items with a nice scrolling UI and several icons below it to Categories, Top Downloads, Search and My World. When you select an application, it will show a description of the application and allow you to select several options:

  • Download - allowing you to download this application directly
  • Reviews - read reviews on this application
  • Recommend - recommend this application to your friend via email, MMS, PIN or SMS
  • Screenshot - showing a screenshot of the application
The best feature I liked from Blackberry App World is to allow you to view screenshots of the application. Very useful whenever you wanted to know what the application does.

Below are several screenshots of Blackberry App World:

The current version I downloaded yesterday morning was and I re-downloaded it and got a newer version and no information on the newer build perhaps there was bug fixes?

The reason I had to re-download was because I could not delete the downloaded application history, even after I deleted the application it would still be listed in "My World". Well, upgrading to the newer version deleted the installed application history. Funny thing is I thought updates on certain application will appear here but after re-installing the Blackberry App World, it wiped all downloaded application without warning.

Blackberry: RIM Introduces Blackberry App World

There's a new application from RIM to blackberry users with the following conditions:

  1. BlackBerry® Device Software version 4.2 or higher
  2. BlackBerry smartphones with trackballs or SurePress™ touch screen
  3. BlackBerry App World is only available to customers in US, Canada and UK and may not be available on all networks
  4. To use BlackBerry App World, you require a service plan that includes access to the BlackBerry® Browser
Get your copy OTA now here.