Blackberry: Pip-Boy Theme for Pearl

The recent Pip-Boy 3000 theme created by crackberry forum member sadosdemetrios was a hit, broadcasted on numerous blogs and dubbed as the most unique theme created made lots of user are demanding the theme ported for their specific devices.

While I personally never actually tried the theme as the pearl version of the theme is unavailable (I highly doubt that it will be available), I decided to create a version for pearl 81xx. What I plan to do is to create a community-created pipboy theme and to prove that I am perhaps capable of creating, I attached a draft version of the theme which can be installed on your 81xx version 4.5. Special thanks to sadosdemetrios for his fantastic idea and design. This draft was created by screenshots of sadosdemetrios' version for curve and storm so it may appear a little rough on the edges. Feel free to give thoughts and comments on the theme and suggestions are most welcomed.

Below are some sample screenshots of the draft theme:

What I would appreciate most is your submitted graphics, mock ups or especially icons which if possible in an editable psd file (upload to any free or paid image host and post the link in the comments) and I will try to create our dream pip-boy theme from the best submitted image free for the community. Oh, and the usual donations are most welcomed, Thanks and stay tuned!

Download the theme here (contains .alx and .cod for desktop install) I don't know how to create and OTA link and I also lack of resource for it so if you could create one for me and host it, I would really appreciate it.

EDIT: The theme is actually available. Well lets just keep this as an alternative version.