InfoPath 2007: Publishing Form to MOSS 2007

Continuing my previous post, to publish your InfoPath Form there are several method and here I will show you the easiest way to publish to Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007).

From you completed design on InfoPath which is fully web compatible and configured, you must save the file to a location (preferably on your local disk so you can update or edit at a later time when necessary).

If you closed the InfoPath 2007 application and want to open it again to publish it, right-click on the file you created and select Design.

To publish go to File>Publish... then a publishing wizard will appear. Select To a Sharepoint server with or without InfoPath Form Services then select next and enter your MOSS 2007 site (include the subsite and document library where you want to publish the form) then select next then check the Enable this form to be filled out by using a browser and select document library on the radio button below it then click next to continue.

Here you can select whether you want to create a new library or update a form template in an existing document library. I would suggest you to create a new library if you haven't prepared any yet and enter a name for it then click next, then in column name, you can enter which columns will appear on the document library list in the MOSS site then click next and click Publish to finish.

Once that is completed, you can finally close the InfoPath 2007 application and open web browser and go to your MOSS site to the document library where you published you InfoPath Form (usually ending with .../Forms/AllItems.aspx) then click on Settings on the top bar of the list and select Form Library Settings.

Under General Settings, click on Advanced Settings on the next page under the third category Browser-Enabled Documents select Display as Web Page then click OK.

Now open a new window, open the document library again and click on the downwards arrow just next to New on the topbar of the list, it should now show two options: New Document and New Folder, select New Document and the InfoPath Form should now appear as a webform instead of firing up InfoPath application. This way clients without Microsoft Office InfoPath can also open your form.