Sharepoint: Moving a Site Level Up / Down

Let’s say you created a sharepoint site your root level (ie http://intranet/website) and six months later you decide it really should be contained under your IT subsite (http://intranet/it/website). You can use the program STSADM to move a site from one location to another.

Steps to move a WSS subsite.

1. Create the new target URL (I created a blank site @ http://intranet/it/website)

2. Fire up the command line

3. type the following including the quotes:

cd\"Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\BIN"

4. Export the old URL using the following Command (this will export and backup the whole site to a single file):

stsadm -o export -url http://intranet/website -filename c:\test\backup.cmp

5. Import the file back into Sharepoint using the the following command (this restores a previously backed up file to a defined site):

stsadm -o import -url http://intranet/it/website -filename c:\test\backup.cmp

That’s it! You have moved your website. You need to check user permissions especially if you are moving to a new subsite!

OTHER COOL STUFF: There is an option to -includeusersecurity while you do the export. You can also choose whether or not to pull all the revisionhistory over with the doc libs or not…

For a full view of options for Export / Import, run the following commands to see all your options:

stsadm -o export

stsadm -o import

These will print out all your possible options for doing these two operations!


budhy said...

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pamungkas said...

Settings>Discussion Board Settings, lalu ada Discussion Board Advanced Settings di Read Access sama Edit Accessnya diubah saja ke "Only Their Own" nanti hanya pembuat thread saja yang dapat membaca messagenya. Hal ini berlaku jika pengguna berada di dalam group "Contributor" sedangkan group "Full Control" bisa tetap membacanya. Semoga membantu.