TweetDeck Review - Twitter and Facebook Status Integration

Ever got tired of updating your status twice for Twitter and Facebook? if yes, why not give TwitterDeck a try? TwitterDeck is a Twitter client dashboard application developed using Adobe AIR (installation of Adobe AIR required which will be automatically performed while downloading TwitterDeck) which allows status update integration with Twitter, Facebook and others. Since the platform used is Adobe AIR, TwitterDeck supports PC, Mac and Linux and perhaps more when Adobe AIR is available on other platforms.

The interface is nice, clean and simple, all you need to do is login your Twitter account and status, replies and direct messages of your friends will appear. To add other clients such as facebook, simply click on the facebook icon on the top and it will ask you for your permission to allow this application to update status.

Friend updates will appear on the top right of your screen which can be removed. However, you cannot customized what will appear on the popup (for example if you want the popup to show only your friend's Facebook update). Other than that, the application is working seamlessly, hopefully that minor problem can be fixed during the release.