Windows Live Writer 2009 Review – Makes your blog easier

A friend of mine referred to me to an application called Windows Live Writer so that I can update, edit, design and manage my blog easier. Get your copy here for the application. The application itself looks like Microsoft Office Word allowing you to change fonts, paragraph format and many others to create your blog easier. Windows Live Writer 2009 supports Windows Live! Spaces, Sharepoint Blog, Blogger/BlogSpot, WordPress, TypePad and many others. In fact, this is my first post using this application and I will let you know how it goes, the problem i'm having is that some framing is still confusing, since this is my first try perhaps it is because I do not know how to show hidden layers. After posting it seems perfectly fine, all goes as expected, publishing went seamlessly. All in all, this application looks great. Go try it yourself its free!